Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sydney: Greenwich Baths

Wednesday, 26th March, 2014.


Anna has taken us to lots of pretty beaches and stunning walks around Sydney Harbour, and Greenwich Baths was yet another delightful spot.


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Early photographs from 1908 indicate that the stretch of sandy beach at Greenwich Point was a makeshift port used by small boats. The beach also played an essential role for local residents’ transportation.  From the beach today we could see large and small boats busily plying back and forth across the harbour.


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After 1923 the area was leased to three families whose homes fronted the harbour and a private swimming pool was built on the property.


There are about 26 of these swimming enclosures within the heads of Sydney Harbour.  Most have been constructed in accordance with “a nineteenth century notion of orderly bathing in calm water.”  (See


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The current pool enclosure, with its nylon shark netting and an artificial beach, was opened in 1990.



From the beach, we could see the ANZAC Bridge.



Nearby were some of Sydney Harbour’s typically stunning rock formations and colours.


Anna and Zoe on the beach:







photo (3)



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The day was overcast, and there were no other people there, so we felt that we had our own little private beach.

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